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    We are excited to be back for a brand new school year!   Here are our First Day of School pics...


    MD first day       MD first day     BJ first day    CR first day      TC first day




                                                                                                          Showing our support on "Pink Out" day!


     class- pinkout




    10/26  We had so much fun on our field trip to the farm!

    Picking our pumpkins!!

                      BJ pumpkin      CR pumpkin      MD pumpkin    TC pumpkin





    Halloween Fun!!!


    B halloween               C HALLOWEEN                M halloween               T halloween




    B R halloween       us halloween        me matt         parade 1             



    11/2  Field Trip to the Aquarium!   We all had a great time!!


    b fish                          boys                       c penguins      



    fish                lunch               t penguin       




                               penguins                  penguin 2                seals




    Working on some classroom chores!


    br          c sweep          table        vacuum