• All Points ABA has been providing consultation and training services to The Shore Center for Students with Autism for eight (8) years. The Clinic is located in Valley Cottage, NY, about an hour north of The Shore Center.  The Carbone Clinic specializes in the treatment and education of persons with autism using evidence-based methods derived from the research literature of Applied Behavior Analysis. Consultants from the Clinic’s outreach division support the instructional program at The Shore Center through regular on-site visits that include the development of curriculum and instructional practices. 

    The board certified Carbone Clinic consultant in cooperation with the supervisory staff, provide real-time coaching to teachers and classroom aides during instructional sessions at The Shore Center. The consultation focuses on supporting the instructional programs to develop language, social, behavioral, cognitive and independent living skills through behavior analytic methods. Special emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of functional communication by the students within academic and natural environment settings.  The clinic behavior analysts and Dr. Carbone provide trainings for the staff and parents on a scheduled basis at The Shore Center campus.