Mission Statement – The Shore Center for Students With Autism

    The Shore Center for Students with Autism is committed to providing comprehensive education and related services to young people with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families.  Our mission is to educate and enrich the lives of youngsters with autism, help them achieve their greatest potential and enjoy personal relationships.

    • The Shore Center for Students with Autism envisions as a major school objective, the collaboration of home, school and community.  We believe that students and community members are engaged in academic and career activities that promote the development of skills for students to achieve their fullest potential in post-secondary education and the 21st Century and beyond.
    • Students receive career awareness, career exploration and community living curriculum that provides occupational information.  Supervised educational activities are designed to expose students to the responsibilities of specific job titles.
    • The Shore Center for Students with Autism forms partnerships with parents and members of their extended family to build positive relationships.  We are responsive to the concerns and desires of parents and extended family members and respect the knowledge and expertise of these individuals.  Family members are provided with opportunity to learn research based-strategies, innovative approaches, best practices and experiences within the autism spectrum.
    • The shore Center for Students with Autism is committed to working collaboratively with local universities to develop curricula that emphasizes best practice in teaching; creating an environment that would involve the participation of university teacher candidates on site; and the commitment to provide current and relevant training sessions for families of autistic and developmentally disabled children.
    • The Shore Center for Students with Autism strives to develop and on-going university relationship that will involve research and data collection to enhance the strategies and behavioral approaches implemented in the classrooms.

    Mission Statement – Bayshore Jointure Commission

    The mission of the Bayshore Jointure Commission is to respond to district needs by providing quality educational services in a cost effective manner; thereby creating and enhancing options for the participating students and the public that we serve.