• Here you will find a checklist of items your child will need for the upcoming school year.




    1. Change of clothes to be kept at school (socks, pants, shirt, underwear -please label)
    2. Diapers/ Pull ups/ Wipes (only if needed)
    3. Hand sanitizer (only for your child, it will not be shared)
    4. Mask ( we will be practicing tolerating wearing the mask multiple times throughout the day)
    5. Toothbrush/Toothpaste 
    6. Tissue box or pack ( only for your child, it will not be shared)
    7. Reinforcement edibles such as m&ms, gummies, pretzels, goldfish ( only for your child it will not be shared)
    8. A plastic pencil case
    9. Crayola set JUMBO crayons 8 count 
    10. A towel for outdoor lessons


                                         Extra baby wipes for the classroom are always welcome!