"Alicia T. is a dedicated teacher who I have known for 10 years. First as my son's paraprofessional and then later as his teacher..."

Alicia T. is a dedicated teacher who I have known for 10 years.  First as my son’s paraprofessional and then later as his teacher.  I am a Special Education Teacher for over 30 years so I am very critical of educators.  I hold Alicia in the highest regard from her reports that are always supported with data to her unique bond with her students.

Alicia recognized the needs for our children to have practical skills taught, so she became a certified life skills coach.  Alicia also returned to school lt earn a Masters in Special Education while working at the Shore Center.

[My son] has some challenging behaviors that have improved greatly due to Alicia’s consistent Verbal Behavior programs.  [He] developed a severe seizure disorder 5 years ago. Alicia felt the need to become more prepared in the event [he] had another seizure in school.  She was instrumental in having the Epilepsy Foundation come to school and do an in-service. [He] also suffers from a rare sleep disorder, Klein Levin Syndrome.  There is very little known about this as there are only 1,000 cases in the nation. He can sleep for extended hours being very difficult to arouse. When diagnosed I thought he was going to be unable to attend school.  Alicia assured me she would be able to accommodate his very life changing condition. Alicia also was able to provide data to aid my visits to countless doctors. She has made it possible for [him] to be educated to the best of his ability on good hours and accommodated his sleep cycles with a mat and blankets.  Alicia never excluded him from trips using a stroller on the days he is unable to walk. Alicia continues to advocate for all his specialness that makes him [him].

Alicia has supported [my son] and myself through many a hospital stays.  She was able to give me a break and help in easing [his] stress.

I hope my gratitude or Alicia can be shown by her receiving the Governor’s Educator of the Year award …


Thank you,


Kathy S.

(Parent of a 20 year old at The Shore Center)